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An organic approach to property management

Ok you say: “When and how did property management ever get to be ‘Organic’?”  Well, pretty much like everything else… necessity is the mother of invention.  Take eggs for example.

People hate the thought of thousands of hens being cooped up in those awful battery farms, under artificial lighting, forced to lay eggs around the clock. It’s obvious you’ll get a more wholesome egg from chickens reared in the old-fashioned way, clucking around freely in the farmyard.  Doing what chickens like to do with their day.

And so the idea of ‘free range’ or organic eggs was hatched.

Imagine for a moment that management firms are the farms and that the tenants of their blocks are the hens who lay the eggs. With each leveraged takeover of every farm, more money has to be found to pay back the bank. And the only way enough money can be raised is by squeezing more and more chickens into the same small space and - by whatever means possible - getting them to produce ever more eggs.

These days block management isn’t much different. Over the years we have seen old-established property management firms bought, sold, merged and floated in a wave of corporate empire-building.

Ask any of the new property management moguls about their business and they’ll start talking ‘units’.    “We’ve got ten thousand units! Last year we had only five thousand units but our target for next year is twenty thousand units”.   That’s too many eggs in anyone’s basket.

Those ‘units’ just happen to be people’s homes.  The good property managers of yesteryear have been farmed out from pillar to post in differing roles with ever more flats to look after.

So it’s not surprising that residents hate being battery-farmed in this way. They yearn for an old-fashioned firm that is prepared to offer time and attention in responding to their needs like it used to be.

box of eggsAnd that sums up exactly who we are.

As sure as eggs are eggs.