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Commercial Properties

Just as property management is the "Cinderella" of estate agencies, many office buildings and retail properties are managed by large commercial firms whose main interest is in money-making lettings and investment deals. As a result, entrance halls and staircases can look grubby and washrooms are often a disgrace. When lifts or heating sytems break down, the response is often slow and insensitive to the misery it causes.

A manager who scores high marks for managing your home has to be the best choice for managing your working environment. Parkgate Aspen are ready to serve. Just put us in touch with your commercial landlord and we'll show him ways to get you a better and more responsive service.

Commercial Properties include

Knightsbridge Green

Parkgate Aspen


Residential Properties include

Wycombe Square

Britain's most expensive street has been revealed as Wycombe Square where the average home costs £5.4 million.

bullet point Those who can afford the best, choose the best

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