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Our Team

An approach that succeeds where others fail

Specialising in the management of quality blocks for 3 decades, we have evolved a unique, winning approach to the management needs of our clients and estates. To achieve this we structured the company into three key areas: “Customer Care” “Management Surveying”, and “Financial Control”.

Customer Care

Unlike most other firms, we have never bought a single management. All our blocks have come to us by recommendation. Lately, most of our new blocks have come from agents whose resources were stretched to bursting point with the profit agenda thrusting ever more blocks onto fewer managers and cheaper staff causing the classic ‘management bottleneck’.  Something has to give and eventually it will be the patience of clients leaving a never-ending stream of messages on unreturned voicemail

Over years of specialisation, we found that trained management assistants could process 90 percent of daily calls and requests from residents. Equally, they can could respond to minor leaks, insurance claims, complaints about porters and cleaning standards and, of course, the usual account queries.

To save people waiting for simple things to be resolved by senior managers, we developed an Outer Response Ring of experienced, able customer service staff to deal quickly and efficiently with these day-to-day routine issues and the vast majority of all but the most exceptional enquiries and demands from residents, leaseholders and contractors. 

Property and Financial Management

The Outer Ring of service staff is supported by an Inner Core of senior managers with an average of 20 years’ experience in all aspects of block management, Landlord & Tenant legislation and procedures. 

Without the bottlenecks, our senior management surveyors have the quality time to deal with those issues that demand heightened areas of knowledge and experience in estate management and clients have easier access to their assigned property manager to guide, support and assist where necessary.  

Proactive time is invested in site visits, client-level care, competitive cost tendering, planning of major works and reserves, proper budgeting, communication, lease enforcement and the fulfilment of legal and statutory obligations. In particular, the control of sub-lettings is a major priority in maintaining standards and quietude on our estates.

We know that a poor or lacking financial management is one of the major reasons why clients seek to move agent.  Our proven service model for customer care is mirrored in our accounts department, providing a win-win formula for us and the residents we serve.

If we equalled the competition, we’d be lowering our standards.

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Organisational Chart

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And Still Fiercely Independent

Having resisted any temptations to buy, sell or merge, we are able to focus our energies on our leaseholders, rather than shareholders and bank repayments!  Fiercely proud of this independence, we have the space to listen, analyse and improve the way we manage quality blocks and the already high professionalism and competence we usually pride ourselves on. 

We aim to maintain one of the lowest ratios of flats to managers of any comparable firm so that our clients stand the best possible chance of getting their calls answered, getting the desired response in terms of answers or actions, and getting the attention of senior staff.

Of course, even with 30 years’ experience, any guarantee of consistent service is only as good as the personnel that will back it up.  Our loyalty of staff affords a unique level of familiarity and continuity to clients, old and new alike. 

Our managers discuss current issues with colleagues, facilitating a transfer of knowledge, cover, support and backup when required.

We pin our success to a professional and caring work ethos that has resulted in longevity of both client and staff relationships. 

30 years of property management has taught us that there are no short cuts in the quality management of flats and blocks. 

We dedicate all our resources to  servicing our residents and leaseholdersin the “Old Fashioned” way, providing professional and personable staff, who respect and remember at all times that we are dealing with your home. 

Photographed here are members of our in-house maintenance team who ensure that general costs are kept to an absolute minimum wherever possible — reflecting our Company’s ethos of professionalism, competence and “user-friendliness” at all times.

Brian Parker

Brian ParkerOur senior and very dear colleague, Brian Parker, passed away in January 2015 at the age of 76. He never considered retirement as an option and continued to dictate letters and memos from his hospital bed right up to the end. He is missed by us all.



• We have a vacancy for a compliance officer with suitable FCIS or similar qualifications available to work flexible hours on our statutory and corporate undertakings.

We have a requirement for minute taking at client meetings and would be interested in hearing from minute takers who may be available for day or evening meetings.