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Associated Companies

Part of providing a good management service is identifying excess costs and seeking ways of delivering better value for money. Often we are asked to save callout cost and overheads by hiring direct labour. In other cases we have found new management clients locked into rental contracts for equipment which is no longer fit for purpose. These client needs have given rise to the in-house companies we have set up, as below, to administer direct procurement of labour and materials, thereby cutting out the middlemen. 


Command and Control

Some years ago we recruited a property manager who had worked for nearly 20 years in the entryphone and security systems industry. Our managers got into the habit of running equipment rental bills and contracts by him before payment. He identified many contracts that were totally uneconomical or had our blocks locked into paying for equipment which was no longer fit for purpose, or useless for evidentiary use in police enquiries. He was able to suggest ways of renegotiating these contracts or terminating them altogether. He also had direct access to technicians who could install the latest digital equipment in some cases for less than 1 year’s rent on the old kit. In one St John’s Wood block we saved the newly enfranchised resident owners £100,000  in forward rental payments and installed brand new equipment for less than all other bidders.


Complete Homes Maintenance

This company was initially set up to carry out full flat refurbishments for landlord clients. It employs a team of skilled and experiences tradesman including painters, decorators, electricians and plumbers.  Whilst our managers tend to rely on their own established panel of contractors, they will use CHM as a last resort when they are unable to respond quickly or efficiently to specific emergencies or special needs.